Asillah Lidros

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Sunday, November 7, 2010 | 3:06 PM | 0 Little Bunny(s)

Although surrounded by friends,
I see nothing but unknown ends.
Ends which I have to face
So as not to feel out to place.
I can feel sunrise no more
Like a baby in a war.
After she left the little bird without wings,
My heart with melancholy sings.
Seconds became hours
When she threw the red flower.
You’ve come to pick it up like an angel from heaven,
But it has started to blacken.
You say you love me,
I’m sorry; you have to forget about me.
Everything in sight is pitch black.
I’m sorry, I can’t love you back.
Every time I see your eyes, I remember hers.
It’s not your fault, but it hurts.
I’m a lost boat looking for a lighthouse
In an endless dark night with neither moon nor a star.
It always seems too far.
I can’t stand another mirage.
Maybe you are not, maybe you are.
You are sure that I’ll quickly forget about her,
But what you’ve heard so far is just the trip of the iceberg.
I’ll keep swimming against the tide
With no end in sight
Because something urges me to fight.
I don’t know why.
Maybe one day you and I will fly.
p/s: I JUST LOVE AN!!!